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Wenzhou Yuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd

Since its establishment, Yuansheng enterprise has continuously introduced advanced theories and first-class equipment from domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and has a group of high-quality professionals. It is a professional enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales, engineering installation, technical consultation and after-sales service.

Yuansheng is committed to: pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverage, beverage, biological, chemical and other industries. In the field of equipment manufacturing, we provide customers with complete sets of equipment such as mixing, dissolving, storage, extraction, concentration, filtration, transportation, CIP cleaning and sanitary fluid valves, pipe fittings, etc.

Yuansheng continuously strengthens the internal management system. Yuansheng people insist on quality for production, science and technology for development, and constantly introduce international advanced processing equipment. They bring Senbo welding technology, cold working technology, polishing technology and automation control field to a high level. The company is equipped with optical spectrum analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical property test, sealing and strength pressure test and other testing equipment, And take the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality certification, so that the products fully comply with GMP and FDA specifications, more extensive to provide customers with * quality products and first-class service!

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